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Electrolux Z350 / Z1600 / Z1800 / Z2000 Hose Assembly x1
Suitable For Z90 Z345  Z355  Z350 Z1600 Series Z1800 Series Z2000 S..
Electrolux Lite & Microlite Hose Assembly x1
Suitable For Z1600 Ranges Z1800 Ranges Fits all 3 lug machine end models Hse20 ..
Electrolux Samba Z5002 Hose Assembly Genuine Electrolux Part x1
Electrolux Z5002 Dst1096431000 ..
Electrolux Filio Z1905 Hose Assembly Genuine Electrolux Part x1
Filio Z1905  Z1905   Z2940  Z2950   Z5305 DST1096431000 ..
Electrolux Excellio Z5010 Hose Assembly Genuine Electrolux Part x1
Excellio Z5010  Z5020  Z5030  Z5040  Z5045  Z5110  Z5120  ..
Electrolux Highlight / Velocity Micro Filter Genuine Electrolux Part x1
Velocity Z2927BZ   Z2950A Highlight Cyclonic Z2950A  Sponge Filter x1 ..
Electrolux The Boss Hose Assembly Genuine Electrolux Part x1
Suitable For Z1080 Z1358  Z1359  Z1362  Z1368 Z1440  Z1445  ..
Electrolux Wet & Dry Bag111 x5
Masterlux Twin Steam Aqualux 1000 Electrojet Powerspray Z53 - Z55 Z63 - Z..
Electrolux Dust container Sponge Genuine Electrolux Part x1
ZAM6106  6106  6107 ZCX6202  6203  6203 1180228015 ..
Electrolux Professional  Bag231 x5
Electrolux Professional Z716  Z720   ..
Electrolux Professional Bag35 x5
Electrolux Pro Z920  Z921  Z922  Z923  Z925  Z930  Z945 HZ1..
Electrolux Janitor Bag231 x5
Janitor Z1516     ..
Electrolux Masterlux Paper Filters Flt3769 x10
Suitable For Electrolux Masterlux Z53  Z55  Z65  Z66  Z76  Z78 &..
Electrolux Z161A / Z161D Filter x1
Z161A Z161D 506000292009 ..
Electrolux Upright Bag ES82 Genuine Electrolux Part x4
The Boss  Z2270 Z2271 Z2272 Z2273 Z2274 Z2275 Z2276 Hi Light Z2901 Z2910 Z2915 ..

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