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Hoover Cylinder Bag3 x5
Old Freedom   S4002  S4006  S4008  S4036  S4070  S4072  S4..
Hoover Cylinder Bag103 x5
Late Sensotronic  S3722  S3724  S3726  S3728  S3730  S3732  S3..
Hoover Cylinder Bag4 x5
Old Sensotronic System 1 to 50 S3126  S3128  S3130  S3132   S3320..
Hoover Upright Bag2 x5
Compact Uprights   U2128  U2132   U2206  U2210 Junior Compact &nb..
Hoover Cylinder Bag9 x5
Compact   S3192  S3194  S3196  S3198   S3200   S3374 &n..
Hoover Sensory / Dust Manager / Discovery Hepa Exhaust Filter Genuine Hoover Part x1
Hoover Sensory T6072  T6076  T6078  T6650  T6730  T6750 TC2061 &..
Hoover Upright Bag12 x5
Starlight  U2002 U2068 Code H11 & H12 Bag12 ..
Hoover Cylinder Bag69 x5
Conquest  Zelmer   417  419  427  429   500  507  ..
Hoover Upright Bag Code H14 Genuine Hoover Part x5
Convertibles Dial-a-Matic Powerdrive  U116  U1124  U1128  U1141 &..
Hoover Aquamaster / Aquajet / Commercial Bag82 x5
Aquamaster Aquajet Commercial C2344 : C2350 : C2376 : C2450 : C2702 : C2704 : C2706 : C27..
Hoover Cylinder Bag52 x5
Celebrity   S3001  S3005 Bag code H ..
Hoover Dustette Bag68 x5
Dustette S1122 code H17 ..
Hoover Commercial Bag86 x5
Commercial   S7068 Code S7 Bag86 ..
Hoover Wet & Dry Bag258 x5
Aquajet Jet 'N' Wash  S6145  S6145  S6155 Code H31 Bag258 ..
Hoover Upright Bag155 x5
Puerpower   U3120  U3125  U3130  U3135  U3137  U3141  U314..

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