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We stock many ELECTROLUX compatible vacuum cleaner bags, if you don't see what you are looking for, please advise Model No                     and email us or call us 01792 653567.

All of our bags are to fit ELECTROLUX models (pattern), unless otherwise stated.

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Electrolux Cylinder Bag30 x5
Suitable For Z65   Z80  Z87  Z89 Z302  Z303   D127  ..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag13 x5
Suitable For Z90   Z94   Z100   Z101 Z305   Z307   Z310 &nbs..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag10 x5
Suitable For Z241  Z317  Z325  Z330  Z345   D710 Bag10 ..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag14 x5
Slimline   Z141   Z144   Z153   Z154   Z156   Z160   Z165 ..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag26 x5
Electrolux Supair  Z326  Z327 ..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag28 x5
Electrolux Z355  Z358  Z358T  Z360  Z380 D720  D725  D728 &..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag8 x5
Suitable For 350 Series 2000 Series Z133  Z135 Z230  Z250  Z258 &n..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag58 x5
Electrolux Elite  Z1600   Z1700 ..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag81 x5
Microlite Z1600 Series Z1610 - Z1630 Lite Z1600 Series Z1640 - Z1661 Bolero Z1641..
Electrolux Cylinder Bag80 x5
Dolphin  Z2200  Z2210  Z2211  Z2220  Z2222  Z2225  Z2530 &..
Electrolux Upright Bag11 x5
Electrolux Z500 Z502 Z503 Z504 Z505 Z506 Z507 Z517 Z520 Z521 Z522 Z525 Z550 Z551 Z560 Z560E Z..
Electrolux Upright Bag31 x5
Lite   Z405 Z406 Z407 Z410 Z411 Z412 Z414 Z1030 Z1040 ..
Electrolux Upright Bag36 x5
Suitable For Z610  Z612  Z614  Z615  Z616 ..
Electrolux Upright Bag106 x5
Glider Z1200  Z1250  Z1251  Z1252  Z1255  Z1256  Z1260  Z1..
Electrolux Upright Bag113 x5
Contour   Z1320 Z1400 Z1410 Z1402 Z1403 Z1406 Z1410 Z1415 Z1420 Z1421 Z1430 Z1436 Z..

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