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Sebo Micro Hygiene Filter 5036ER Genuine Sebo Part x1
Automatic XP3  XI   X1.1  X2  X3  X4  X5   ..
Sebo Micro Hygiene Filter x1
Automatic XI   X1.1   X2   X3   X4  X4 Pet  X5   Autom..
Sebo Automatic X Series Exhaust Filter x1
Automatic  XP3  XI  X1.1  X2  X3  X4  X5 Exhaust Filter x1..
Sebo Radiator Brush x1
Radiator Brush Fits on the end of a crevis tool Crevis tool not supplied Nzl9345 ..
Sebo  Upright  Bag64 x5
Sebo 350 Series / 360 Series Karcher TBS32 TBS34 TBS35 Jeyes 350 360 450 460  Re..
Sebo Upright X Series Service Kit Bag316 x1
Service Kit Contains   1 x Exhaust Filter   1 x Micro Filter  ..
Sebo X & C Series Microfibre Bags 5093ER Genuine Sebo Part x1
Suitable For The SEBO X Series  X1, X1.1, X2, X3, XP2, XP3, X4, X4 Extra and the..
Sebo X & C Series Synthetic Bags Bag310 x1
Compatible For The The SEBO X Series range  SEBO Airbelt C Series Range SEB..
Sebo C1 Cylinder Bag & Filter Kit 6109ER Genuine Sebo Part x1
Service box Suitable to fit Air Belt C1 Includes 10 x Bags 1 x Micro filter   ..
Sebo X Series Upright Service Kit 5094ER Genuine Sebo Part x1
Service Box Contains 8 x filter bags 1 x Micro hygiene filter 1 x Exhaust filter ..
Sebo floor tool kit Nzl9007 x1
Crevice tool x1 Upholstery tool x1 Dusting brush x1   36.5mm   ..
Sebo Pre Motor Filter Seb1044 Genuine Sebo Part x1
Suitable for BS36  BS46 Pre Motor Filter x1 SEB1044 ..
Sebo Exhaust Filter Genuine Sebo Part x1
BS36  BS46 Exhaust Filter SEB1467 ..
Sebo Micro Exhaust Filter 6033ER Genuine Sebo Part x1
Suitable For C1  C2  C2.1   C3  C3.1 6033er ..
Sebo Micro Active Charcoal Filter 6108ER Genuine Sebo Part x1
Suitable For C1  C2  C2.1   C3  C3.1 6108er   ..

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