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Neff Main Oven Door Seal x1

Neff Main Oven Door Seal x1
Brand: Neff
Product Code: 422
Availability: In Stock
Price: £14.99
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Neff Main Oven Door Seal

Suitable For

B1110B0GB/01, B1110W0GB/01, B1120B2GB/01, B1120F1GB/03, B1120W1GB/01, B1120W1GB/02, B1120W1GB/03, B1120W2GB/01, B1130B2GB/01, B1130W2GB/01, B1140B1GB/01, B1140F0GB/01, B1140F0GB/02, B1140F0GB/03, B1140N1GB/01, B1140N1GB/02, B1140S0GB/01, B1140S0GB/02, B1150G0GB/01, B1150G1GB/01, B1150G1GB/03, B1150G2GB/01, B1150W0GB/01, B1150W1GB/01, B1150W1GB/03, B1150W2GB/01, B1160W1/03, B1172G0GB/01, B1172G0GB/02, B1172G0GB/03, B1172G0GB/04, B1882W0GB/01, B1885S0GB/01, B1885W0GB/01

E1130W1GB/01, E1150G2GB/01, E1150G2GB/04, E1150W2GB/03, E1150W2GB/04, E1352N0GB/01, E1352N0GB/03, E3122W0GB/01, E3122W0GB/04

U1120B3GB/01, U1120B3GB/02, U1120W2GB/01, U1120W2GB/02, U1120W3GB/01, U1120W3GB/02, U1130B2GB/01, U1130F1GB/01, U1130F1GB/03, U1130W1GB/01, U1130W1GB/03, U1130W2GB/01, U1140B0GB/01, U1140S1GB/01, U1140W0GB/01, U1150G0GB/01, U1150G0GB/02, U1150G1GB/01, U1150G1GB/03, U1150W1GB/03, U1150W2GB/01, U1170E0GB/01, U1170E0GB/02, U1170G0GB/03, U1170W0GB/01, U1170W0GB/02, U1170W0GB/03

195302536, 19530253600, 19530253700, 19530288200, 19530682200, 19530683500, 19530692100, 19530692900, 19530693700, 19530713500, 19530713600, 19530714000, 19530740100, 19530741300, 19530741400, 19530742900, 19530743000, 19530743100, 19530743200, 19530743300, 19530792300, 19530802400, 19530802600

440mm x 360mm


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