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Hotpoint Drum Paddle Version 1 Genuine Hotpoint Part x1

Hotpoint Drum Paddle Version 1 Genuine Hotpoint Part x1
Brand: Ariston / Creda / Hotpoint / Indesit
Product Code: 951
Availability: In Stock
Price: £11.99
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This has 3 identification pips on the end of the Lifter and is secured by a metal tab on the drum

Ariston A1200WD, A1235, A1237, A1237, A1400SWD, A1400WD, A1436, A1437, A1437, A1437S, A1437S, A1600WD, A1636, A1636S, A1637, AMXXF149EU, AMXXF149FR, AMXXL120FR, AMXXL129EU, ARXXL105EU, ARXXL105EU, AVD149, AVL147, AVXXF129/1EX, AVXXF129DE, AVXXF129EX, AVXXF137FR, AVXXF147/1FR, AVXXF147FR, AVXXF149/1EX, AVXXF149DE, AVXXF149EX, AVXXL105EX, AVXXL109EX, AVXXL109IT, AVXXL120FR, AVXXL125EX, AVXXL127FR, AVXXL129EX, AVXXL149EX, AVXXL149IT, AW129NA, AW149NA Creda W200FW/SC, W200FW/SC, W200FW/WE, W220VW/WE

Hotpoint AVXXF129/1DE, AVXXF145EX, AVXXF1491DE, FEW10P/SC, FEW10P/SC, FEW10P/WE, FEW12P/SC, FEW12P/SC, FEW12P/WE, WD420G, WD420P, WD420T, WD440G, WD440P, WD640G, WD640P, WD640T, WD645A, WD860G, WD860P, WD860T, WD865A, WDD960AUK, WDD960GUK, WDD960PUK, WDF740AUK, WDF740GUK, WDF760PUK, WDL520GUK, WDL520PUK.K, WDL540GUK, WDL540PUK.K, WF000G, WF000P, WF000T, WF00G, WF00P, WF00T, WF100G, WF100P/SC, WF100P/SC, WF100P/WE, WF100P/WE, WF101P, WF210G, WF210P, WF210T, WF215A, WF220G, WF220P, WF220T, WF225A, WF240P, WF250G, WF250P, WF310G/SC, WF310G/SC, WF310G/WE, WF310G/WE, WF310P/SC, WF310P/SC, WF310P/WE, WF310P/WE, WF310T/SC, WF310T/SC, WF310T/WE, WF310T/WE, WF320G/SC, WF320G/SC, WF320G/WE, WF320G/WE, WF320P/SC, WF320P/SC, WF320P/WE, WF320P/WE, WF320T/SC, WF320T/SC, WF320T/WE, WF320T/WE, WF321G, WF321P, WF325A/SC, WF325A/SC, WF325A/WE, WF325A/WE, WF326A, WF340G/SC, WF340G/SC, WF340G/WE, WF340G/WE, WF340P/SC, WF340P/SC, WF340P/SC, WF340P/WE, WF340P/WE, WF350G, WF350P, WF355A, WF430G, WF430P, WF430T, WF440, WF440G, WF440P, WF445A, WF530G/SC, WF530G/SC, WF530G/WE, WF530G/WE, WF530P/SC, WF530P/SC, WF530P/WE, WF530P/WE, WF530T/SC, WF530T/SC, WF530T/WE, WF530T/WE, WF540G/SC, WF540G/SC, WF540G/WE, WF540G/WE, WF540P/SC, WF540P/SC, WF540P/WE, WF540P/WE, WF540T/SC, WF540T/SC, WF540T/WE, WF540T/WE, WF541G, WF541P, WF545A, WF545A/SC, WF545A/SC, WF545A/SC, WF545A/WE, WF545A/WE, WF546A, WF560/1P, WF560/1P, WF560G, WF560P, WF620G, WF620P, WF620T, WF630G, WF630P, WF640G, WF640P, WF640T, WF645A, WF720P/SC, WF720P/SC, WF720P/WE, WF720P/WE, WF730G/SC, WF730G/SC, WF730G/WE, WF730G/WE, WF730P/SC, WF730P/SC, WF730P/WE, WF730P/WE, WF740G/SC, WF740G/SC, WF740G/WE, WF740G/WE, WF740P/SC, WF740P/SC, WF740P/WE, WF740P/WE, WF740T/SC, WF740T/SC, WF740T/WE, WF740T/WE, WF745A/SC, WF745A/SC, WF745A/WE, WF745A/WE, WF760P, WF840G, WF840P, WF840T, WF860G, WF860P, WF860P, WF860T, WF865A, WMA20P, WMA22P, WMA32P, WMA50N, WMA50P, WMA50S, WMA52N, WMA52P, WMA52S, WMA54N, WMA54P, WMA54S, WMA56N, WMA56P, WMA56S, WMA57P, WMA58N, WMA58P, WMA58S, WMA5P, WMA74N, WMA74P, WMA74S, WMA76N, WMA76P, WMA76S, WMD940AUK, WMD940GUK, WMD940KUK, WMD940PUK, WMD960AUK, WMD960GUK, WMD960PUK, WMF540GUK, WMF560PUK, WMF740AUK, WMF740GUK, WMF740KUK, WMF740PUK, WMF760AUK, WMF760GUK, WMF760PUK, WML540GUK, WML540PUK.K, WML560GUK, WML560PUK, WML740GUK, WML740PUK, WML760GUK, WML760PUK, WMM53A, WMM59A, WMM75A, WT540/1G, WT540/1P, WT540/1P, WT540P, WT640GUK, WT721/1G, WT721/1P, WT721/2G, WT721/2P, WT721G, WT721P, WT740G, WT740P, WT740T, WT741/1G, WT741/1P, WT741/2G, WT741/2P, WT741G, WT741P, WT745A, WT746/1A, WT746/2A, WT746A, WT760P, WT761G, WT761P, WT940/1PUK, WT940G, WT940P, WT940T, WT960G, WT960P, WT960T, WT965A


Part No C00201252

Be safe - always unplug any appliance from the electricity supply before carrying out any work on it.
If you are in any doubt contact a qualified repairer.

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