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Hoover Washing Machine Door Seal x1

Hoover Washing Machine Door Seal x1
Brand: Hoover
Product Code: 965
Availability: In Stock
Price: £21.99
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Hoover Washing Machine Door Seal

Suitable For

DYN9124DG/L-S, DYN9124DGLS, DYN9144D3X/1-80, DYN9164DPGB-80, DYN9164DPG/L1-80, DYNS7144D1S/1-8, DYNS7144D1X/1-8, DYNS8105D30

EVO1682, EVO1682D, EVO441082D01

GODF800-80, GODF800/1-80, GODF800/L-80, GOFS262, GOFS262-80

OPH148, OPHS712DF-80, OPHS712DF/L-80

VHD822/1, VHD 842/1-80, VHD8221, VHDS609-30, VHDS6113D-30, VHDS6123PD

VT814D21-80, VT814D21-S, VT816D22/1-80, VT816D22X/1-80

VTS612D21/1-80, VTS614D21/1-80, VTS712D21B-80, VTS712D21B/1-80, VTS712D21S-80

WMH148DF-80, WMH148DF-80, WMH148DF-80, WMH148DF-80, WMH168


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